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At Inner-Voyage College we provide comprehensive training for people who wish to pursue careers as Meditation Teachers, Meditation Therapists, Chair Yoga Instructors, Holistic Counsellors and Holistic Life Coaches. Learn more here.

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The only online provider of the IMTTA study program. Our range of professional online training courses and ongoing practitioner support will provide you with the skills and guidance you need to create the career and lifestyle you are dreaming of. See our courses here.

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The Inner-Voyage program has been designed to provide a fully supported career path for people who wish to follow their passion for healing and develop their own holistic wellbeing practices. Learn more.

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Have questions? check out our FAQ or contact us. Office hours: Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 3pm, Queensland time.


Visit our resource centre where you can find books, news, articles, blogs and guided meditations here.

About Holistic Counselling

Discover how the process of Holistic Counselling enables clients to become self-empowered through non-judgmental, supportive and compassionate listening and coaching skills combined with a range of very practical and effective healing strategies here.

About Meditation

Meditation is now recognized as a powerful complementary healing therapy. Many people imagine meditation as only a spiritual practice involving crossed legs and silent minds. In fact, there are many ways to practice meditation and some of them are actually a lot of fun as well as beneficial in improving ones health and every aspect of life. Find out more here.