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How to Speed Up the Curing Time of Your Interior Paint 

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Perhaps the most boring part of any painting project is waiting for the paint to dry. This is particularly true if you’re painting the interior of your house.  

Weather conditions always play a role in the curing time of your interior paint. In addition to that, various kinds of paints will have different curing times as well. 

However, is there anything you can do to speed up the curing time of your interior paint? The simple answer is yes.  

Here are several tips you can follow before you hire residential interior painters exterior for help.  

Utilize a Heater or Hairdryer 

Despite the fact that?this strategy is extremely effective, professionals?don’t endorse it. Technically, bringing a heater or hairdryer into the room to create a dry and warm environment could help. It may help the paint set faster, especially if the temperature is cold and the humidity is high. 

Unfortunately, applying excessive?heat to a newly painted surface?may affect the paint’s quality and integrity. All kinds of paints are created to work within a specified temperature range. If you go above and above by blowing the surface with a hairdryer, you’re guaranteed to have a poor result. 

Guarantee Excellent Air Circulation 

It is important to keep doors and windows open to let fresh air into the space. However, you should also consider bringing one or two small desk fans to provide adequate airflow and circulation. 

What you want to do is to continuously replace the damp air around the painted surfaces with dry air. Allowing it to sit and become stagnant will make it harder for the paint to cling to the surface. A simple desk fan may be obtained for next to nothing and can make a significant difference. 

Consider Humidity 

Any humidity in the air or moisture in the environment will work against you. That is why it is important to paint during a time when humidity levels are low. Alternatively, you can also use a dehumidifier to keep the space dry. 

If you’re painting inside, this isn’t usually a problem unless you’re painting a kitchen or bathroom. In any case, keeping an eye on temperature and humidity levels will assist limit curing times to a minimum. 

Apply Light Coats 

Applying each coat as lightly as possible is one of the greatest strategies to ensure that it cures as soon as possible. Multiple light layers of paint almost always look better compared to one or two thick coats, which is an added benefit of this method. 

The effect will be smoother if the layers are thinner and more even. This is where investing in a good paint sprayer, which is intended to apply super-thin coats of paint with little effort, may greatly alleviate the load. 

Choose Quick-Drying Paint 

This is perhaps the most obvious tip. However, the best option is to use paint that is designed to dry quickly. Because drying durations vary greatly from one paint to the next, it’s important to study the label carefully. 

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